Information - a resource that warrants protection

As a company with in-depth knowledge in IT and skills in corresponsing norms about information security, rameus is the perfect partner to build and maintain an information security management system. Based on the ISO 27000 norm family, we offer solutions for information management systems which are ready to be certified externally after successful passing of the internal audit process.

Data Loss Prevention

In times of digital filing of data, data loss is particularly painful. No matter if they are Research & Development or patent related data - data is to be protected in the best manner possible!

Awareness for information security

Employees in organisations are not always fully aware of the role they play in information security. With our tailored training solutions for these topics, we can raise this awareness and sensitise the employees for it.

Prepare for cyber attacks

For many organisations the concept of a cyber attack is somewhat diffuse and not directly tangible. As a potential victim to cyber attacks an organisation can prepare for such an event. Keywords for such a preparation are: system hardening and Business Continuity. rameus solutions offers their expertise in both areas.