With Agile Methodologies you have the possibility to focus your activities in daily business on your core values. The Agile approach allows you to streamline all your efforts to continuously add business value and therefore achieve goals faster with more accuracy.

Once Agile is implemented within the organisation, results will show quickly. An Agile mindset gives the people involved new perspectives. Thanks to the short iteration cycles which deliver continuous improvement, the positive and enterpreneurial mindset grows stronger with each iteration. Agile teams build up a good velocity during the initiation of a project and start performing quickly.

Our project experience has made us aware of the fact, that Agile projects work best with a focus on certain key elements. This is why we focus on these elements to achieve success in a cooperative spirit. A project with rameus solutions has: A defined goal, a possible release date and a budget. In addition to this classic approach we add another dimension: Quality. Our self defined Agile Project Quality Standard allows us to track progress throughout the ongoing project.

Depending on the tasks we are given, we combine our Agile competence with knowledge from our other services such as Workshop Moderation or Coaching.

Agile Methodologies allow us to achieve a perfectly fitting solution for our clients. To achieve such a fit, we use the elements of different methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban or DSDM in a way they match best.

We focus on your projects to achieve sustainable success!


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