People gather to discuss solutions, visions or strategies. To ensure productive meetings we provide services which focus on Workshop Moderation.

Techniques for Workshop Moderation are nothing new, yet the handling of delicate situations or the elicitation of key issues calls for professional Workshop Moderation. Focusing on one task when moderating a workshop, the moderator is neutral and collects facts. These facts, gathered throughout the sessions, will then be summarised and made available for the participants in a timely manner after the workshop. This concept ensures that participants of a workshop can focus on the topic to discuss while the moderator is in charge of arranging the information provided.

After the workshop is done and the topics are gathered, action items are defined and assigned. We support our clients for this step with services such as Strategy Consulting, Process Management or Coachings.

With our techniques, we help you to focus on the defined goals for your meeting. At times multiple workshops are needed and sometimes a well moderated workshop helps clarifying the situation already. With our focus, we can help you achieve more accurate solutions in an iterative process - faster and to the point!

We focus on your workshops to achieve sustainable success!


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