Audits on all levels

rameus solutions is your independent auditing partner for internal audits, supplier audits or external certification audits for various standards and management systems.

Internal Audits

As an organisation that conducts certification audits we know which topics are relevant for an internal audit and how to achieve the best possible results for your organisation. We conduct the internal audit based on your requirements. After the internal audit you have the possibility that rameus solutions implements the identified improvement potential directly in your management system and distribute the knowledge with the corresponding training

Supplier audits

Based on the requirements of our client, we assume the role of the supplier auditor and audit suppliers worldwise. Our focus for supplier audits is within our business segments of Medical DevicesInformation Security and Business Continuity.

Certification audits 

Our auditors also work for official certification agencies and conduct certification audits for them. Should you have any questions about this, let us know


The updated list of certifications and additional capabilities to support your organisation are listed in the Management Systems section.