Rebuild after an event

Business life is shaped by the success an organisation has and by events which could potentially devastating for it. These events could be:

In any of those situations it is important to react quickly and in the right way by following previously defined routines which have been defined ahead of time in case of such an event. The primary goal after such an even is to get an organisation operational again as quickly as possible. Our in-depth knowledge in processes, management systems and trainings allow rameus solutions to support you in these activities.


Together with our clients we identify business critical processes and areas which need to become operational again immediately after an event. This can be infrastructure such as IT environment or production facilities.


As soon as the areas are identified, mitigating measures have to be defined which are to be implemented in case of an event. Oftentimes these are immediate actions such as  the coordination of first responders in case of fire, the impelmentation of safety concepts in case of a pandemia or to ensure data integrity in case of a cyber attack.


Besides defining the measures within the organsiation, an additional step is to recognise an event in the earliest stage possible. This has a special importance for cyber attacks, since this is one of the best ways to protect the organisation from devastating and business threatening damage or harm.

This is why scenarios and their measures need to be trained repeatedly. These can either be regular trainings or realtime simulations of events.